Elegance Beaded Bead Jewelry By Sharri Moroshok

Tell Us Something About You And Your Jewelry
I’ve been designing and handcrafting beaded beads for over 15 years. AlthoughI love all forms of needlework, my artistic passion is for beaded beads – miniature 3-D puzzles constructed by stitching together all manner of tiny beads. My work has appeared in Bead & Button Magazine and on the cover of the book The Best of Bead & Button: Peyote Stitch Projects. I have a project published in Beadwork Creates Beaded Beads. There are photos of several of my beaded bead jewelry pieces in The Art of Beaded Beads and 500 Beaded Objects – both published by Lark Books. My beaded beads have been chosen several times as finalists in Bead & Button Magazine’s Bead Dreams competition and have been displayed in many exhibitions including an ACC Spotlight at the Blue Spiral Gallery in Asheville, NC.

What Kind Of Materials Are You Using?
I use many varieties of contemporary glass seed beads in the construction of my beaded beads including Japanese cylinder beads and my favorites, Czech charlottes. I also incorporate tiny gemstone beads – both precious and semiprecious as well as small gold silver and copper beads. In making my beaded beads needle and thread are my only tools. No adhesives are ever used.
I handknot all my necklaces and bracelets.

What Got You Started Jewelry Crafting?
A chance encounter in the early 1990’s with a book called The New Beadwork really fueled my interest in jewelry making. I was already fascinated with beadweaving and this book opened my eyes to the jewelry design possibilities of seed beads. I began designing and creating original beaded beads and I’ve never reached the end of those possibilities.

How and/or Where Do You Sell Your Jewelry?
I have sold my beaded bead jewelry at juried retail art and bead shows, and through galleries. I co-own my own art gallery called Humidity Gallery in Tallahassee, FL. This has been my major outlet in recent years. I have just recently opened an Etsy shop

What Is Your Source of Inspiration?
Actually the beauty of the little beads I work with is my biggest source of inspiration. The colors and finishes are endless. Seasons and nature and the moods of life also influence me.

Why Handmade Jewelry?
I’ve always made things with my hands since I was a little girl. I’m a fiber artist as well as a jewelry artist. I find it really satisfying to make beautiful things for women to wear.

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