Modern Jewelry In Motion By Gina Pankowski

 height=Tell Us Something About You And Your Jewelry
I’ve been drawn to pattern and movement since a very young age. Drawing intricate wall paper patterns and becoming an expert at spotting four leaf clover as a child. I’m a very lucky person. Growing up in Seattle, WA. gave me great exposure to natures beauty as well as technology. The Boeing Museum of Flight is a favorite hangout. Always a kean observer I love photography and the detail of everyday life. Jewelry , for me is thrilling in it’s every intricate detail and the abbility a great piece of jewelry has to evoke strong emotion and interaction with the people who wear it.

What Kind Of Materials Are You Using?
Most of my jewelry is made with Silver and Gold using traditionl metalsmithing techniques. I like to work three dimmentionally using wire to creat moving patterns, a sort of organic architecture. The negative space is as important as the form itself. My bracelets and necklaces come alive with the wearer bringing delicate sounds and exciting changes in pattern with every move. Gems are appearing in my work more with my interest in their beauty and unlimited colors and forms growing. I have also experimented with glass using the vitreous quality to explore more fluid forms.

What Got You Started Jewelry Crafting?
Art and working with my hands has always been a part of my life. There are several painters and musicians in my family that have inspired me to follow my dreams. As a high school student we had a small jewelry studio with hand tools and casting. My best friend still has the first ring I cast in silver. In college I expirimented a lot trying out landscape architecture, then sculpture and jewlery.

The scale of jewelry appealed to me as well a the emphasise on deatail and the skills of fine craftsmanship. My mentors were Mary Lee Hu a goldsmith and John Marshall a silversmith. They gave me the best of both worlds. I graduated from the University of Washington, Sea. WA with a Fine Art Degree in Metal Design, a BA in Art History and Sculpture.

How and/or Where Do You Sell Your Jewelry?
My jewelry is available in a number of Jewelry Art Galleries, Fine Jewelry Stores and online at my website Early in my career I travelled with my work selling at fine craft shows like the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington DC and a few wholesale shows. This was a great way to get out in the world. I’ve met many artist friends and made many gallery contacts at shows. Entering design competitions and art exhibitions is another good way to reach a broader audience.

What Is Your Source of Inspiration?
My inspiration comes from many places. I love to look. I think many artist see things differently than the average person. We really look at the world. I find inspiration in observing patterns and structures from microscopic views of cell structures to the macro view of sunflowers and an airplane wing. In my travels I have collected images of patterns and places that inspire me from Mexico to Paris and the tropical islands of the Seychelles.

Why Handmade Jewelry?
We can achieve beautiful things with our minds and our hands. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate technology. But, I love the spontanious act of taking an idea from paper to full bloom with my own hands. I love the attention to detail and how we are free to reinterpret our ideas in the process of making. Being a part of a work of art made by hand leaves a very special imprint on our world.

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