Organic Jewelry By Emanuela Duca

Emanuela Duca, a jewelry artist based in Manhattan, was born in Rome, Italy. While pursuing her degree from the School of Art in Rome and the European Institute of Design, Ms. Duca pursued interests in dance, painting, and sculpture. But it was in jewelry design that she finally found the medium she had been searching for: the marriage of movement and sculpture.

This desire to capture fluid movement in solid form, informed by organic elements of earth and water, is at the heart of all of Ms. Duca’s work. For her latest collection, called “Magma,” Ms. Duca revives archaic forms and re-interprets them with a contemporary sensibility. Sculpted in wax and manipulated through different techniques, the resulting designs are extreme textured, their molten surfaces evocative of volcanic lava and the ruins of her native Rome. Yet their shapes and combination are clean, simple, and minimal, just the kind of contradiction the artist tries to create in all of her work.

Established in New York City since 1998, Emanuela has exhibited in several retail and wholesale shows throughout the country, including the American Craft Council, SOFA Chicago, the Smithsonian Craft Show, and the Philadelphia Museum of Arts Craft Show. She was also the recipient of the 2009 American Craft Council Award of Excellence. Emanuela is a member of American Craft Council, Society of North America Goldsmiths, Contemporary Jewelry Design Group, and Associazione del Gioiello Contemporaneo.

“My work evolves the notion of movement in solid form and how it pertains to my Roman experience. I explore earth-bound elements, reviving archaic forms and re-interpreting them with a modern sensibility. Sculpted in wax, then forged and constructed in sterling silver, the individual forms are shaped and manipulated through folding, hammering, and piercing. The resulting surfaces are highly textured, with surfaces evocative of volcanic ash and the ancient ruins of my native Rome. Yet their shape and combination is clean, simple, and minimal. Just the kind of contrast I aim to achieve in all my work.”